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Miley Ray

WHO IS FUNNIEST? Miley, Selena or Demi!

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4 minutes ago, Treacherous Lovatic said:

Damn sis lol. Miley.

I love my fave. More than LIFE. ITSELF. BUT honestly, she wasn't the funniest part of the show, that was Jackson tbh!

Not to say Miley isn't funny! She totally is!!!! but in the terms of this, I love a good, kinda bitchy, smart, quick witted character the most soooo yeah lmao

see: Jade West


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They're all hilariously funny in different ways.

Vyrus for her pathetic and desperate attempt at maintaining relevant and keeping that panned career afloat.

Semen for being the biggest joke God has ever queefed out from his prolapsed anus.

Demon most of all for having the most hilarious career, image, and life.


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