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Oh My Gaga

Billboard's top 20 Ariana songs

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20. Everyday

19. Breathin

18. Love Me Harder

17. Knew Better / Forever Boy

16. Side to Side

15. God is a Woman

14. Blazed

13. Baby I

12. Be My Baby

11. Santa Tell Me

10. The Way

9. Dangerous Woman

8. Be Alright

7. No Tears Left to Cry

6. Moonlight

5. Problem

4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

3. Honeymoon Ave

2. Break Free

1. Into You


some choices were made :azealiakunt:

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10 minutes ago, Oh My Gaga said:

OLT too, I can’t believe they put blazed and her fugly Xmas song on the list and left out TH and OLT :rih5head:

Especially with the sentimental value the song has now. 

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