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Tennessee to Toilet Swift: "You have no power here"

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13 minutes ago, DirDarsaster said:

I'm so ready for the SJW tears ladies :ny1: 

Leave Taylor alone. She has more power than anyone on your stanlist. Also no offense but to laugh about politics in a country you don't live in and doesn't affect you is petty, Politics are serious and not a laughing matter, you have no idea how this can affect people and their rights, that's why it's baffling to me why you can support someone like Donald Tramp. But whatever have your so called fun.

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2 hours ago, Roobz said:

She really thought she will do THAT, didn't she? :kikiki:

Celebrities really overrated themselves in politics lmao most people don’t pay any attention to them when it comes to voting. We the people know better than frivolous pop stars lmao 

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