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Dangerous Woman

“thank u, next” has a good chance of debuting at #1

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Imagine if this is the song that gives her a 1#

Anyways there is a chance, no one is releasing anything big
but honestly it would be so strange..it's just feels like a quick song she did..there is no video..no promotion..I will be shook if this becomes her first 1#
instead of one of her previous polished songs with just everything done to them to reach a good position :laughcry:

i like the song tho, its fun

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assuming her sales stay stable at around 15k for the rest of the tracking week, she'll get around 80k total sales. in that case she would need to get at least 30 million streams during the rest of the tracking week (which is doable, if she gets around 2-2,5m streams from spotify for the remainder of the week, she'll get another 12-14mil from apple music and the remaining 5mil can come from tidal, deezer, youtube, pandora) and if she manages to get some radio support (not much, even a 5 million audience is enough) she has a fighting chance for #1

30 million streams = 187,5 points

80k sales = 107 points

5 million audience = 5,5 points

total = 300 points

currently her competition girls like you and sicko mode are expected to be at 299 and 297 points respectively, so it'll really be a threeway battle for #1 meaning it'll honestly go down to a few thousands sales/a few hundred thousand streams:demishook:

those extra 2 days of tracking she would've got from releasing on friday would have REALLY guraranteed her a #1...

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