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A star is born

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22 hours ago, Jimmyxcx said:

Welcome to the forums fellow Gaga Stan :wendy17:

Thank you Thank you :gagascent:

22 hours ago, Winter Bird said:

Fadga and Merna? TASTE! :love:

We stan the talented powerful women :heart:

20 hours ago, Pmkkardashian said:

We love a fellow liddo! 

As long as you realize Joanne was truly gagas worst album to date and that was a difficult thing when competing with BTW and AP


wrong. Jaonne is her best album ever, altho ASIB has snatched it 

8 hours ago, Heartsigh said:

welcome to cop sis :denislove:

Thank you love :hug:

5 hours ago, Roobz said:

I see Rihanna, i already love you! Welcome on COP boo! Hope you'll like it here!

We stan the most powerful lady :rihbogle:

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