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COPVISION Song Contest: Second Edition [CANCELLED]

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Hello all and welcome to the second edition of the COPVISION SONG CONTEST!

This event is inspired on the real-life Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place once a year around May, where the different european (and other) countries battle it out onstage each presenting a national act with an original song. At the end of the night, the act with the best performance/song is chosen as the winner of the contest.

So how will this event be adapted to COP, you might ask? Here's all the info you need to know, please read it carefully before you sign up!



-- You will sign up to represent a country. It can be your home country or a different one. First person to sign up with a specific country will get the representation of it, and no other player will be able to sign up under that country unless the representative of it decides to step down before the game actually starts. THIS IS THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO POST TO SIGN UP, THE NAME OF THE COUNTRY YOU WANT TO REPRESENT.

-- Along with the country you choose, you have to sign up with an act (solo artist or group) that is from the country you chose to represent. It is obviously not allowed to represent a country and choose an artist from a different one. It's also important that you choose a small artist. They can't have had major hits or success, or else it would be unfair for other players. Once you sign up, send me your artist via PM, and I will give you confirmation if your artist can or can not compete. DO NOT POST YOUR ARTIST IN THIS THREAD.

-- Obviously, you'll be asked to submit one song from that artist, which again, can't have been a hit. Submissions will be made to me via PM (preferably the same one players sent their artists in). DO NOT POST YOUR SONG CHOICE IN THIS THREAD.



-- Once all entries are submitted, I will post them all for players. Your job is to rank your top 10 songs, awarding points of 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 . Rates must be sent to me via PM before the deadline I will also be posting. Players are not supposed to rate their own song. 



-- Once I have all the overall scores, a big finale will be held where I will be revealing the results in the form of a megarate! All players and non-players are welcome to take part in it. I will start revealing from the bottom and work my way up until the big winner is revealed!


If you have any other question, don't be scared to ask! You can start signing up now in this thread.  :gretchen14:

Credits to: @Trainwreck

Players and their country:



1. @shmeur - United States Flag USA animated gif 120x90

2. @Oh My Gaga - United Kingdom Imagini pentru uk animated flag

3. @Roobz - Romania Flag Romania animated gif 120x90

4. @The Velvet Rope - Israel Flag Israel animated gif 120x90

5. @Tana Mongeau - South Korea  Flag South-Korea animated gif 120x90

6. @Dangerous Woman - Norway Imagini pentru norway animated flag

7. @Stefani Germanotta - Albania Flag Albania animated gif 120x90

8. @youresotoxic - Canada Flag Canada animated gif 120x90

9. @Knowles 💎 - Trinidad and Tobago Flag Trinidad-and-Tobago animated gif 120x90

10. @ᏫᏌᎥᎫᎯ - Ukraine Flag Ukraine animated gif 120x90

11. @Elusive Loverboy - Japan Flag Japan animated gif 120x90

12. @Heartsigh - New Zealand Imagini pentru new zealand gif flag

13. @Winter Bird - Sweden Flag Sweden animated gif 120x90

14. @Mocha - China Flag China animated gif 120x90

15. @Goodnight - Finland Flag Finland animated gif 120x90

16. @The Boy - Australia Flag Australia animated gif 120x90

17. @levanderblond - Slovakia Flag Slovakia animated gif 120x90

18. @Venti - Germany Imagini pentru germany flag animation

19. @MISS CAMARADERIE - Jamaica Imagini pentru jamaica animated gif

20. @Avril Lavigne - Portugal Imagini pentru portugal flag animated gif

21. @GODvril - Hungary Imagini pentru hungary flag animated gif

22. @bleachnetwork - Estonia Imagini pentru estonia flag animated gif

23. @Ahmed - Russia Imagini pentru russia flag animated gif



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Just now, The Velvet Rope said:

Cause Eurovision is not like that

they had TATU which were big 

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2 minutes ago, The Velvet Rope said:

Also I suggest everyone send the link to Spotify to make a playlist, WAY easier than YT

I can't make a playlist on Spotify, but I will try to post the link.

I will do a YTB playlist, sorry.

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