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Church of Pop is OFFICIALLY back

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I'm crying tears of happiness y'all :britcry:

For the past EIGHT days and EIGHT nights, we've been without COP and all the time I've been working hard trying to get us back online. The problem was rooted in a faulty VPS, which our host replaced. And we've also had non stop Cloudflare issues which have now been addressed.

I do want to say that, whilst Manuela did trigger the issue by taking us her Cloudflare, the issue isn't her entirely her fault since the VPS issue rested with our host. And there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen so to speak trying to fix the issues which probably ended up hindering us getting it fixed. 

I'd also like to thank Manuela for helping us get back online.

As for all the haters who were celebrating us and shading us over on WOP... eat dirt bitches :ny1: 


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There's quite a few errors guys and I'm just home from work in the last hour and it's past midnight and I need sleep for another huge day at work tomorrow. I endeavour to have everything fixed for you all within 48 hours. Hold tight bbs, but for now be happy that we're actually up in this bitch again. 

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