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Oh My Gaga

Rate The Song: Gaga Edition | Aura

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8 hours ago, Oh My Gaga said:

@Devin4Life @BEAN maybe y’all wanna be added to the tag list :gaycat: current song is hair body face if you wanna rate it

I would love to be! :gaycat5:



 I try not to listen to ASIB soundtrack too much before I see the movie (Tomorrow!) :dancega: But I love Hair Body Face, it's so loving. I give it a solid


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Hair Body Face | Average Score: 7.815


Highest score: @ACT2 (10)

Lowest score: @XxJTheBerrixX (3)


Position: #2


ALL SCORES (11 total)


XxJTheBerrixX (3)
Avril Lavigne (9)
Knowles 💎 (7.5)
Oh My Gaga (9)
Winter Bird (8)
Jimmyxcx (9)
ACT2 (10)
A Star Is Born  (9)
BEAN (8.47)
Drewbby (8)
Electra Heart (5)



  1. Just Dance | 8.62
  2. Hair Body Face | 7.815


The next song to rate is...


John Wayne



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