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COP Survivor S4 [SIGN-UPS & INFO]

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Hey everyone and welcome to the new season of COP survivor! I am super excited to be your host and already know it’s going to be so much fun! So what is COP Survivor you might be wondering? It’s a crazy game that combines challenges, strategy, cunning, wit, and just about everything else! Here’s a quick overview!


To start off, you will all be divided into 3 teams of 7 (or 8, depending on the number of players).







Immunity Challenge

Each day there will be an immunity challenge. These challenges will not be randomized so it's important to hop online if you can! The challenges will include questions, tasks, puzzles, and more! It's gonna get crazy! The team that wins the challenges wins immunity and is safe! The team that loses will be sent to....



Tribal Council

 At Tribal Council, the losing team will have to vote off one of their own! I will send out PMs after the immunity challenge and anonymously reveal the votes the next day!


Tribe Swap

you never know what Survivor is up to, this is an option that may happen or may not even happen during the season, where the tribe members are swapped between each other and the game goes on, you always have to be ready for it even if it won't happen.



This will continue each day until we merge! The merge does not come at a set amount of people, so you never know when it will happen. Once the merge occurs all tribal lines are ELIMINATED and mess ensues. It’s every man for himself from that point on. There will still be challenges each day, but they will be for individual immunity! Each night there will be a tribal council held where you will all vote to eliminate someone!


Redemption Island

That's right! This season will introduce this ICONIC twist to COP Survivor! Redemption Island provides an opportunity for an eliminated player to re-enter the game and continue their pursuit to the  title of Sole Survivor. In order to do so however, eliminated contestants will compete in head-to-head challenges (known as Duels) in order to remain on the island and avoid permanent elimination. There are two re-entry points that take place whilst Redemption Island is in play. The first is at the merge, and the second point is at the Final 4, where the returning contestant becomes the 5th member of the Final 5.

The "Duels" will occur an hour prior to the immunity challenge, every day. The winner of the duel will continue to the next one and the loser will be permanently eliminated, without any further chance to return.


Jury and Final Tribal Council

At a certain point, the jury comes into play! Once you are eliminated you will join the jury (if you make it that far) and eventually vote on the Survivor winner! When we get down to 3 or 2 people (you never know until the end) the top 3/2 will be declared and we will have our final tribal council! Here the jury will get to ask a question to the finalists. The finalists will be able to reply and show the jury why they think they outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted the best!  The jury will then vote and we will have our first winner crowned!!!


Other Random Things!


Hidden Immunity Idols

These will pop up at random times in the game! I will announce them, but here’s the catch, there is no set way to how they are given out. It will usually be something random and will be given based on the thread replies (for instance, saying a certain word or letter or number)! Each hidden immunity idol only lasts so long but can be played or given to another player at the winner’s choosing!


Legacy Advantages

Similar to the immunity idols, legacy advantages will also be earned through some kind of a challenge in the thread and they function the same way as idols do when played at Tribal Council, albeit, they won't be effective in ALL tribal, that is because an advantage can only be used in specific Tribal Councils, players who find them will also be told when it can be played, and when it will stop being effective. If a player wielding a Legacy Advantage is eliminated any time earlier than the said day, they must will it to another castaway still in the game.


Extra Vote & Vote Steal

This vote can be played until there are only five contestants left. The player that owns it may vote for another player twice or vote for two separate people. It will be counted as any other vote, and may still be nullified by a Hidden Immunity Idol. The Vote Steal is a more powerful variant of the Extra Vote, the Vote Steal allows a player to prevent another from voting and take that player's ballot as their own. The player who invokes this advantage may vote for any other person with their second vote, including the person whose vote was stolen from.


& more twists may be introduced along the way, stay tuned!



1. A large portion of this game is played DMs! Please include me in each one! If you don't, you will receive 3 votes against you the next time you are at tribal council and will not be able to vote!

2. Ummmm yeah that’s about it!!! Obviously no harsh name-calling and all that other good stuff still applies but yeah!!! Bring on the drama!

NO portion of the game will be randomized, you will play yourselves and that's the fun in it!


Sign-ups are now open! For now I'm limiting the number of players to 21, but if there's demand I'll bring it up!




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Oh & I forgot to mention, the immunity challenges this season will be an hour later than usual, at 2PM EST, so that the Duels can occur an hour prior to that :gaycat:

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Just now, Welat65 said:

I don't really understand how this is gonna work but sign me up tf lol

if you've watched survivor, it's pretty much the same but on a forum...? You can make alliances if you want in PMs, you do immunity challenges, look for idols etc etc, the last 3 seasons were pretty big so maybe you'll enjoy it :gaycat6:

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Just now, Roobz said:

Sign this bitch up! 

Related image


Just now, Ahmed said:

Sign me up and watch me flop :katycock:

loving all the new players rolling in!

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