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Clearing up the Cardi and Nicki situation

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A lot of Nicki Stans seem to think Cardi attacked Nicki out of the blue, but that's not what happened. Cardi went to Nicki so they they could talk, but then Rah Ali elbowed Cardi at which point Cardi fought back by throwing her shoe.

Here's a quote from TMZ


People connected to Cardi tell us, when Cardi approached the table she was not looking for a fight ... they say she wanted "to address the lies Nicki was spreading."  They believe security had a plan if Cardi came anywhere near, and one of them elbowed her in her face (check out the lump).  They say at that point it was on.


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I just wanna know what lies Nicki has been spreading though... there’s literally no proof she liked anything negative about her child. Knowing Cardi she probably just saw someone on twitter say that she did and believed it bc she’s dumb as fuck skdjddjmf :poot2:

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