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"QUEEN" MEGARATE | (Deadline Thursday)

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Greetings to the Queen Megarate hosted by Hammer

Queen is the fourth studio album by American rapper and singer Nicki Minaj. It was released on August 10, 2018, through Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records



Ganja Burn

Majesty (feat. Eminem & Labrinth)

 Barbie Dreams

Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne)

 Hard White

Bed (feat. Ariana Grande)

Thought I Knew You (feat. The Weeknd)

 Run & Hide

 Chun Swae (feat. Swae Lee)



Good Form

Nip Tuck

2 Lit 2 Late (Interlude)

Come See About Me

Sir (feat. Future)


Coco Chanel (feat. Foxy Brown)

Inspirations (Outro)



1. You have to listen to the whole album 'Queen' by Nicki Minaj

2.No song should be scored below 0. 1 Is the minimum and 10 is the maximum for the normal songs

3. Give your favorite song a 11

4. Send your scores to @Heartsigh via PM before 27th of September!

5. If you happened to change your rates/ scores, PM me asap! I am granting 1 score change per person!

6. I will be doing a result show sometime after this finishes! It depends on how much time i get.





If you don't see yourself here, contact me ASAP!

@Mr. Gorgeous @CUZ!CAN @Desperado @Black Beauty ? @Fly @Alienhead @Roobz @Lucky @Treacherous Lovatic

 If i sense some fishy activity that you are doing this just to ruin the megarate, you're rates will not be counted!

Try your best to be unbiased and reasonable 

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7 hours ago, shmeur said:

why can't we do the deluxe version?  with fefe, regular degular, and barbie tingz

Because we don't support pedophilia :wendydance:

7 hours ago, Black Beauty ? said:

Btw the gifs are amazing @hammer :wigidol:

Thank you :rihwink:

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Im going to delay the result/ ending time for the thread since this is my busiest week in College. i don't think there will be a Results show unfortunately. BUT, if there is no  RS i will make it extremely dramatic :wendycant: 


Anyways the new deadline for votes is, Wednesday 19th!!

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