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"I'm not goingggggg anyyyyyywheerrrrrrreeeeeeeeee"

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That anti woman is a joke and no one takes it and it’s self proclaim title seriously *Hence* why it has a failed album and blamed Travis, Spotify, Drake, Billboard, etc for it, it has multiple failed lead singles and blamed Atlantic records, media coverage, stan haters, etc for it and it now has a failed tour and blame technical issues for it’s lack of. 

Her failures is her own doing and no one else’s. 

Btw...I’m the one that’s not going anywhere.


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3 hours ago, Scarlett O'Hara said:

Global :kikiki:

A Global Failure :kikiki: 

I can see a great future for her doing club performances on island resorts...she seems to be still semi-popular in those places :jan1: 

Or a cruise ship might have her? It'll have to be an 18+ one though since she's too vulgar for family cruises.

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