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Smokey Robinson says Ariana Grande dressed inappropriately at Aretha's funeral

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Smokey Robinson was awesome at Aretha Franklin's funeral, singing praise and singing ... but he was NOT down with Ariana Grande's super short skirt.

We got the singer/songwriter legend at LAX Saturday night as he returned from Detroit, and Smokey didn't hold back ... he thinks Ariana's skirt -- which was the subject of criticism on social media -- was just plain inappropriate.

He says he loves Ariana and her music, but thinks she was not protected by her people who greenlit the fashion choice.

0901-ariana-grande-funeral-dress-getty-3As for the funeral having political overtones -- where Al Sharpton and others took a shot at Trump for saying Aretha used to work for him -- Smokey brushed it off, saying Trump says stupid things every day.


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Just now, Salvatore said:

her dress was fine, old people are stupid

wbk, sis! the fact that the priest dude spent like an hour talking about shit about teen moms (as though aretha wasn't one) like it's sunday service and not someone's funeral, nobody bats an eye. 

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