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So... what's next for Britney ?

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She seems very happy and healthy. She has her kids, a man, and she has a successful mini world tour, performing in high school theaters and gay prides. We haven't heard new music from her since 2016 with Glory, and she's been teasing Apple Pie since the beggining of June. And keep in mind she apparently has a collab with Pitbull coming (if she hasn't scrapped it already that is). She's soon going to celebrate her career's 20th anniversary, and it's safe to say that she has come quite a long way since her mental breakdown in 2007. So what's next for the "Mmm Papi" performer ? Is she going to retire ? Is she planning another comeback ? Starting a family ? Discuss. 

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Just now, Pixelated Kunt said:

she should retire after her next album

she will never retire

She will lip-synch to the 1999 recording of hit me one more time until she drops dead

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