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Nicki Minaj Song VS Song

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Idk if this is a thread already but idk what to search to find out if it is so I’m just gonna make one!

put 2 songs against eachother, next user has to pick which song is superior then include it in their selection


User 1: Starships vs Pound the Alarm

User 2: Pound the Alarm vs Whip It


Round 1:

Skrrt On Me vs Trindem Girls

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Just now, Nicki Minaj said:

Chun-Li vs. Itty Bitty Piggy


Just now, barbiej33p said:

Chun Li vs Did it On Em

We both tried to knock Chun Li’s ass out :eartha:

I still woulda picked Chun Li if I saw ur post before hitting send tho :evilsmirk:

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