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Is “Joanne” the Dustiest, Ugliest Album Name of All Time?

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Like Joanne the song is cute, but imagine having amazing album names such as The Fame Monster, Born This Way, and even Artpop, just to name an album Joanne. :shriek: 

The Star Is Born soundtrack isn’t even out and it’s going to take a steamy shit all over that album and it’s aesthetic. All of the new fans this movie will pull in will most likely be intrigued to check out her most recent album and Gaga is gonna look like booboo the fool when that links them to Joanne :eartha:

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Just now, Maren Swift said:

No. There is nothing ugly about naming an album after a deceased relative. :judgega:

Ikr. It's ugly when you've never met the deceased relative and your grandma gets confused on why you named it after them and tells you to let it go.


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No, and the GP actually like the album from what I've seen.. And the new fans especially the heterosexuals will love it 

only Stan twitter hate it cos it's more country influenced 

Her discography is very versatile and each album appeals to a certain demographic like u got the TF + TFM are adored by Everyone,  BTW is basically the bible for LGBT+

Artpop is for the die hard monsters

C2C for the elders and the jazz lovers

Joanne is for the heterosexuals & more country-isque lovers 

So actually she is very smart :oprah:

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