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Welcome to the Youtube Section!

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We are now officially open for business so go make a thread for a channel you watch! 

Just to remind everyone, we will have one main discussion thread (not a stanbase thread) where people can openly discuss each youtube channel and when there is a new video for that channel we can pin the video in the thread :) 

The tags for channels are as follows:



* Beauty Guru - for people like Jeffree Star, Nikkie Tutorials, etc.

* Personality - for people like Trisha Paytas, Emma Chamberlain, Shane Dawson, etc.

* ASMR / Mukbang - for people like ASMR The Chew, Divine Munchies, Wendy's Eating Show, Like with Mack, etc.

* Miscellaneous channels - for all other channels


We also have tags for:



* Trending videos - when a video is trending but doesn't belong to a channel worthy of a thread

* Hot tea - drama discussions!! 

* General discussions - if you want to discuss the state of youtube, general YT news, etc. 


Now go make threads and let's get this ball a rolling! 



P.S. Also looking for TWO section moderators for this section to help keep threads updated. If current section moderators want another section please apply also! 

P.P.S. Let's try and give threads only to people with a sizeable audience otherwise we're going to have way too many.


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