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Trump Says He Remembers Pearl Harbor; Wasn’t Born Yet

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During intense trade negotiations in June with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump dropped a bizarre reference to the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor, according to a report Tuesday by the The Washington Post.

“I remember Pearl Harbor,” the President said, before launching into a rant about Japan’s trade policies.

Trump has made other odd references to the 1941 attack that left 2,403 Americans dead and prompted the U.S. to enter World War II.

The President, born five years after the bombing, flubbed a quote from Franklin Delano Roosevelt last year as he attempted to honor the 76th anniversary of the solemn day.

"National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day — 'A day that will live in infamy!' December 7, 1941," he tweeted.

When Roosevelt addressed a Joint Session of U.S. Congress nearly eight decades ago, he actually declared Dec. 7 as “a date which will live in infamy.”

Trump, while signing a presidential proclamation last year, also called the surprise bombing a “pretty wild scene.”

The use of somewhat ill-worded historical references appears to be a Trump motif. 

Trudeau pressed Trump on how he could justify tariffs on steel and aluminum as a “national security” issue.

The President responded by asking Trudeau, "Didn't you guys burn down the White House?”


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not surprising from a man who doesn't even know how to color the flag of his own country 

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz he colored in a blue stripe in the third pic :whereisit: braincells jumped out

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What if he means he remembers the events as a historical tragedy? Like “i remember learning about 9/11” nnn

He still said it was a wild scene tho lmao our president has the mind of a 7th grade baffoon

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