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Austin Carlile in the Hospital Due to Marfan’s Syndrome Complications

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Former Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile is, unfortunately, back in the hospital for complications from Marfan Syndrome. In a new Instagram post, Carlile shared that spinal fluid has been leaking into his head, forcing doctors to find and drain the fluid.

In late 2016, Marfan Syndrome caused Carlile to give up his place in Of Mice & Men, as tears in his spine left him unable to scream. Performing live risked further tears and “irrevocable damage to the spinal cord and nervous system.” Last month, the singer confirmed his return to music, adding it would be “different music” from a “different scene,” and that he’d be back “in the next few months.”

Why does this happen to good people :( stay strong Austin ♡

Read More: Austin Carlile in the Hospital: Marfan's Syndrome Complications | http://loudwire.com/austin-carlile-hospital-spinal-fluid-leaking-into-head/?trackback=tsmclip

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Just now, Heartsigh said:

I never knew he does too :( omg x is troye doing okay with it these days?

It says he has a mild form of it so im guessing his isnt severe

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