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Dangerous Woman

James Charles: YouTubers should have the same respect and income as mainstream celebrities

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Popular YouTuber, and highly talented make up guru, James Charles, caused controversy on Twitter when he claimed that YouTubers don’t get paid enough, especially when compared to mainstream stars.

James began ranting on Twitter, which caused a lot of controversy on the social media platform and stated that YouTubers are just as talented as Hollywood actors and actresses, and because they are just average everyday people, they are able to reach out to more viewers, therefore spreading awareness of a brand more. But although Charles’ earnings on YouTube have not been revealed, his earnings on Instagram were released by Hooper HQ, who stated that the make-up artist earns up to $9,750 per post. PER POST!!!!

We’re shocked at those figures, but we understand where he is coming from. If Kylie Jenner were to post a similar photo for the exact same brand, she can charge up $1 million for doing so, which is absolutely ridiculous. Although Jenner may have a huge following, YouTubers don’t just post one post about a product, but they also make a video, explaining a little bit of information about the product and why they like it, which seems like a lot more effort than posing in a bikini in front of a mirror with a gummy between your teeth.


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