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60 Days Without Internet & Bed Is Over!

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Hey COP Family! as most of you know, after the screw up from selling my previous house, made me homeless for 60 days! wvJ4DxE.gif  I stayed with a friend on a flat sofa with no internet for good old 60 days! I used phone data to keep in touch with my mod team, but most of you havent noticed me here full time, only days when im at a friends using there wifi! well guys I am back for good :denislove: i'm still settling, but I got the internet installed today so I got wifi! BuxlWOV.gif


Missed you all, and so happy to be back with you all, sad i missed the cop anniversary! but looked like it was a hit :) hello fellow new members who joined during past 2 months! and I missed all my friends! YhJOPXi.gif


Hope ya'll have'nt forgotten ya emo queen!  I still stan denis stoff and nick jonas so nothing has changed wWp1B2A.gif




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Just now, Desperado said:

Welcome back Marnie :love: We missed you :hug: 

thank you lovely, missed you all so much x

Just now, Nicki Minaj said:

Welcome back, sis <3

thanks sis, I yet have to listen to queen! you just reminded me ;) 

Just now, PRISMATIC said:

Welcome back, also didn't know most of that :fentybeauty:

haha, thanks hun :gagskiss:

Just now, AtlanticRecordsAssistant said:

I thought this was going to be a Garbaj/Arana drag from the title :jan1: 

Welcome back though sis, lah ya sah mach! 

ahaha xD trust you sis xxx!

thank you so much babe, missed ya x

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