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Why are Cardi’s pure sales so bad?

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 (album debuted with 103k pure) 


and I can’t find the tweet but her biggest hit (Bodak Yellow) hasn’t even sold 1M pure. 


I get we’re in the streaming era but you’d think someone with such measurable popularity and broad appeal would sell better than this. Bebe Rexha and Julia Michaels literally outsold... 

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Just now, Tattooed Heart said:

Cuz why would you ever buy an album for 13 when you can pay 10 and have every album? Stans don’t count  :gemma:

this is honestly it.. :nickiwat: i only purchase albums if i absolutely LOVE the artist or if they're big enough to ban streaming entirely (Lana, Taylor- Bey); why would i pay $17 for a record that'll have some filler when i can jus pay 9.99 and get literally...most..every album.. in existence..


esp w/ Urban/rap artists it's just easier to put stuff for streaming instantly- also helps w singles and overall play with playlists n whatnot :nickiwat: 

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Maybe because she didn't release a physical copy of IOP and nobody buys off iTunes anymore....?

It's really not hard to do the math.

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