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Queen is definitely her best body of work to date. Although The Pink Print’s songs flowed way more cohesively sonically wise and it’s songs individually has some better than Queen imo, It is no match as a full body of work compared to Queen. 

This album mixed old school Nicki and old school rap and the more pop side of Nicki perfectly. Honestly Nicki has once again raised the bar higher than ever before 

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Guest IsThatSaraS


There are some great songs on there, but also ones that are "meh" :gaycat:

My Top 5 (in no particular order):

Ganja Burns


Barbie Dreams


Come See About Me


And where is this 2nd Bed video for God's sake???

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Her best album to date. Every song is at least a 7 ! She really put her foot in this. 

Faves: Good Form, LLC, Barbie Dreams, Majesty & Coco Chanel

Weakest: Sir, Bed, run & hide, thought I knew you 


I might expand in a couple days.


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Overall an alright album 19 tracks is excessive and would've been better shorter for sure.

Standout tracks: Good Form, Coco Chanel/Inspirations, Miami

Worst tracks: Rich Sex, Come See About Me

full track by track review in spoiler :tiara2:



Ganja Burns - 6

An overall ok song. Quite similar to Regret In Your Tears, the guitar in the background is great. However the song goes on for 

a few mins too long

Majesty - 6

Really enjoyed Labrinth's parts - the Eminem parts not so much, they seemed out of place. The last few mins of the song were a highlight

Barbie Dreams - 4

Concept started off fun and a kii but started to get old fast as the song continued (again another song that wouldve been better shorter)

Rich Sex - 3

Didn't feel this at all, its just not the tea

Hard White - 5

An ok song the effect ruins it not really a fan of her flow here

Bed - 5

Love the dancehall influence here, overall a fun song. Nothing spectacular but nothing too horrible

Thought I Knew You - 4

This song went literally nowhere - not even The Weeknd's signature vocals could save it 

Run & Hide - 5

Short, simple and cute.

Chun Swae - 5

Really enjoyed this one, once again nothing outstanding but it gets the job done.

Points off for the obnoxious speaking part at the end, truly could've lived without that 

Chun-Li - 6


LLC - 6

Really enjoyable 

Good Form - 8

An album highlight for sure. The beat is nice and love the play on "good form/good for him/good foreign"

Nip Tuck - 5

Come See About Me - 4

I love everything about this except for...the singer singing it. Nicki's vocals here are really offputting and just not good at all.

Imagine if an actual singer got this song? :icant:

Sir - 6

Not sure how I feel about Future on this yet but this song has potential 

Miami - 7

Another highlight for me 

Coco Chanel - 7

This song breathed life when the album started dragging hard (might hav fallen asleep nn :tehe:)

Anyway Foxy Brown's verse ruins it (no matter how many times i try to get used to it its just zzzz) her adlibs are great tho.

Inspirations - 8

Legendary legends that is all. 




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Just now, AtlanticRecordsAssistant said:


This is a disaster of an album who's only saving graces are the features which outshine the main course.

You didn't even have to write this sweetie, we all know what you think 3F878ECF-9092-4C5D-9799-33DBCE210AA0.thu

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