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This game will be Grammy-themed

Game Day 1 begins Sunday 12.00 (EEST), with a Monday 00.00 (EEST) voting-deadline. (Then a 12-hour break for night)
Game Day 2 begins Tuesday 12.00 (EEST), with a Friday 00.00 (EEST) voting-deadline. (Then a 12-hour break for night)
Rinse and Repeat.

FORCED VOTE: Please vote every Game Day. If you miss voting one Game Day, then you must place a vote ("forced vote" ) on the following Game Day. If you need to be absent, contact me through private message.

Use red and bold font for your votes. (If you dont use red and bold font, dont blame me if I miss it.)

To place a vote, type it like this: ++demimaniac
To cancel your vote, type it like this: --demimaniac
You can switch who youre voting for, as many times as you want. Like this:--demimaniac ++Trainwreck

Short names or nicknames are fine, as long as its obvious who youre voting for. (E.g., using jack instead of "jackgrande" or Indie instead of "Softer than a Homosexual")

Do not vote for yourself.

If you post a vote and want to edit it in that same post, do it quickly, or we might miss your changes. It's probably safer to make a new post with the change in it.

The player with the most votes will be counted as a lynched, unless a Special Power is used.

After the Evening Message is posted, dont post in the game thread. At all. When the next Game Day begins, you can start talking in this thread again, about the game.


After a player is eliminated, or lynched, the player is not allowed to talk at all during the game.


The Good Guys: During the day, they help eliminate villains by vote and discussion. At night, if they have to be scared for their life to not get targeted by the villains.

The Squad: (aka "The Bad Guys" aka "Villains" aka "You Know Who You Are") During the day, they try to prevent the players from successfully eliminating a villain. During the night, they target one player to be eliminated. If that player is eligible for elimination (meaning no special power is protecting them), that player will be eliminated. 

Rhyme master (aka. "the riddler" ONE TIME USE ONLY. One night that the rhyme master wants, s/he can send a PM to demimaniac, where they inform they want to use their power. I will respond with a barely coherent riddle, that will help the rhyme master find out the identities of the villains (but only if the riddle is figured out). The rhyme master CAN NOT reveal in the game his/her identity, but can try to steer the conversation towards the person s/he believes to be the villain based on the riddle.

Angel: ("protector" ) One-time effectiveness. Sends in the name of a player by PM. If the player named in the PM is targeted by the villains during the night, no lynching takes place that night.

+ a few surprises


  • Do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT, PM any other player about the game (unless your Role PM stated otherwise). Dont post anything about anything that demimaniac tells you in PMs. Dont tell people your character. Theyre supposed to figure it out. Thats the fun of the game. Dont tell people if you have a special role. Theyre supposed to figure it out. Thats the fun of the game.

Conspiracy games are confusing. (At least, if you've never played one before is sure confused). So dont be shy to PM me with your questions. If we dont know the answer, we'll make one up.

If I have left a gaping hole in these rules, I am either going to nobly accept my short-comings and leave it alone, or swallow my pride and admit that I messed up and let you know that I'm patching my mistake. I am leaning very heavily toward the latter. (Pride is over-rated.)

I also reserve the right to make the rules more strict if y'all don't behave. :)

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I copy&pasted these rules from my original game thread on the Simpsons forum, and now I glanced them over and I had to make a few changes. Please look over the rules one more time.

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February 10th, 2019, Beverly Hills, 14.00

“Okay, okay, that’s enough!” Taylor screams to her make-up artist, ”you can leave now, thanks, bye”. The make-up artist rolls her eyes at this typical behavior and leaves. As she opens the door to leave, the doorbell rings simultaneously. She opens the door, and behind it is standing no other than Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran. As the make-up artist walks out, the pair walk in. Taylor turns around in her make-up chair to glance at the two and says: “it’s show time”.

Taylor gets up from her chair and walks to the whiteboard in her living room, waving at the two to follow her. She had disclosed some of her plans to the two earlier, but this was the first time she would reveal the plan in full. On her whiteboard, there was pictures of celebrities. “These are among our targets. At the Grammies tonight, we are going to make sure that us three will be the only remaining pop super stars…”. Selena takes a look at the board: “I have been blocked from the top 20 too many times, this plan is great.” The two artist with numerous #1’s look at each other, not remembering the last time the top 20 had not treated them well, chuckling a tad. Ed decides to get back on topic: “how are we going to control the charts from inside the bars of a prison cell?” Taylor laughs: “you really think I didn’t think of that?” She takes a short pause before continuing: “every single security guard is working undercover for me. I have guys who will make sure that the security cameras will be turned off, and on top of that, we won’t be doing any of the hard lifting. We will seem like the innocent victims, who miraculously survived this whole ordeal. Imagine the first week sales of our singles after that!”


February 10th, 2019, Staples Centre Los Angeles, 21.00

Kelly Clarkson is standing on stage. She opens an envelope, smiles and looks up at the crowd. She starts speaking “oh wow, and the album of the year, goes to my personal favorite..” Suddenly her speech is disrupted by a loud scream. “AAAAAAAAH SHE’S NOT BREATHING!!!!!!” Everybody turns to look at where the noise is coming from. It’s Demi Lovato standing next to the limp body of Katy Perry. Demi is hyperventilating: “I think.. I think.. there must’ve been something in her drink! Someone poisoned her!” Suddenly the lights go out. Gun fire starts.

On the other side of the hall, Selena Gomez turns to look at Taylor Swift, while abody guard is escorting the two along with Ed Sheeran to safety. Selena looks at Taylor: “So this is it?” Taylor keeps walking and doesn’t respond, with a smirk on her face. Without even glancing at Selena, she says: “It’s funny how the time really was the ultimate time teller for her.” She pauses, and then turns her head to Selena: “yes. The games have begun”.




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the roles were given by random with an internet dice thingy, so no need to come up with conspiracies over who is who based on who they stan

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Remember you can give wake-up votes for people who have not yet replied to the thread

Votes are given with ++ bolded and red, and @ the username after

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