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Are you a COP addict?

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So are you addicted to Church of Pop?

I'll be completely honest: Yes I am!

Its the last thing I do before I go to sleep and its the first thing i check when I wake up.

My tabs are always open and when I'm not able to get on my laptop, I'll use my phone.

I check COP when I'm in the waiting room for the dentist or doctor. I'll browse at work (mostly during breaks but when no one is watching I also do it when I'm not supposed to!)

I'm on COP during meal times (I live alone and I cant really stand eating in silence as its not how I was raised)


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I didn’t think I’d use this account very much when I first signed up, but I “won the day” in my first week and made it to top posters of the week, so nnnn. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted, but I sure have used it a lot in my first week.

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