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COP TRIO SEASON 2 - Winner Announced!

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@Oh My Gaga

Into You - Ariana Grande
Just Dance - Lady Gaga
Fall In Line - Christina Aguilera (ft. Demi Lovato)

@One Of The Boys

Touch It - Ariana Grande
I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Taylor Swift x Zayn
Baby One More Time - Britney Spears

There were only 12 voters, but the vote was a landslide.  With 10 votes, the winner of COP Trio Season 2 is



@Oh My Gaga



Congrats!  Thank you all for playing.

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Welcome all! 

@Oh My Gaga let me do the second season since he's doing COP Survivor next (congrats on your section mod position btw king) and I have some ideas too.

The game, if you don't know, is basically you pick 3 songs for a certain theme.  Then everybody votes for which trinity of songs they think is best, and if your trio is picked, you win!  If your trio has the least amount of votes, however, you are eliminated.  You will have 24 hours to pick your songs, so it doesn't take that much commitment, and it probably takes less than 10 minutes to choose a good trio anyway, so even if you're playing other games, you can still probably find time.

Game will start sometime next week.  Sign up in this thread! 


23. Miss Camaraderie
22. Maren Swift
21. Finesse Knowles
20. Ronald McJackson

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I give you a theme. You have to find 3 songs that fit within that theme. The three songs you group together will be your trio.


1. Beyoncé - 7/11
2. Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop
3. P!nk - Get The Party Started

PLEASE NOTE: If you use (FOR EXAMPLE) Lady Gaga's Born This Way for one challenge, you may never use that song again for the rest of the competition, so choose your songs wisely. The song you think is perfect for one challenge may fit perfectly in another down the line, if you are still in the game.

Each challenge will have an example entry posted from me. You CANNOT use any of the songs listed in the sample for the challenge. (FOR EXAMPLE) The challenge sample above includes Beyoncé's 7/11, Miley's We Can't Stop & P!nk's Get The Party Started. Therefore none of these songs may be a choice for your entry.

You have 24 hours the time to find the trio and PM it to me.  If a contestant fails to PM me the trio within the deadline, they still have a chance at being in the competition. They have until the 24-hour voting period is over to submit their trio to me and be added onto the polls LATE. A tardy trio usually means that less voters will see the trio, resulting in less votes. If it's late enough, it may guarantee 0 votes and kick from the competition. 

When all trios are submitted in PM by the deadline, I will post a survey link and begin the 24 hr voting period.


- Contestant's entries will remain anonymous! This will help with favoritism.

- When I post the survey link, I expect all of you to vote as well. You must enter your username before voting so I can make sure no one is voting for themselves.

- Each IP adress will only be allowed 1 VOTE per survey. This will help to make sure people are not using different usernames to vote.

- PROMOTION IS KEY! During the 24-hr voting period, the more votes- the better! Posting the survey link in a status or somewhere else on the site WILL help encourage the public to vote. We want anywhere from 30-100 votes per challenge! YOU CANNOT tell the public which trio is yours, this stops favoritism.


After every challenge, results will be posted. You WILL be notified when I tag you on the results post. I also encourage contestants to follow the post, so they do not miss anything.

The person with the highest amount of votes wins the challenge, granting them immunity on the next challenge. There can be more than 1 winner for each challenge, if more than 1 contestant has the same highest amount of votes.

The person with the lowest amount of votes is eliminated from the game.

If more than 1 contestant has the lowest score there will be a VOTE OFF


If more than 1 contestant receives the same lowest amount of votes, they will enter the VOTE OFF.

For every 2 players with the lowest score, 1 contestant leaves. (FOR EXAMPLE) If there are 4 contestants with the same amount of low votes, 2 will be leaving the competition.

With a VOTE OFF, the contestants with the lowest votes will have their TRIOs reposted in a survey link and contestants/public will be able to vote again to save contestants from leaving the competition. 

The contestant with the lowest amount of votes in the 12-hour voting period will leave the competition.

After I post the survey link for the VOTE OFF, you will have 12 hours to vote. Again, PROMOTION IS KEY with this as well, the more votes-the better results. Like the challenge survey, you CANNOT tell the public which trio is yours.

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Guest IsThatSaraS


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Guest messiah

I’ll sign up!

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