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Sabrina Carpenter Opens Up About Her Next Album and Her Inspirations

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Sabrina Carpenter didn’t hold back in her new cover story with House of Solo magazine. The 19-year-old musician opened up all about her third album, which she promises is just around the corner for fans.“I’ve been writing it for over a year now, and there will be features,” Sabrina confesses. However, she can’t give you a release date just yet.She adds, “But the beginning of the process is coming soon. I hope to come back to London to tour soon as well [with the album].”Sabrina also opened up about how inspiration strikes her for a song.

“There is really no structure, that’s just what I’ve learned from songwriting over the years,” she says. “Every song comes about in a different way.”Sabrina continues, “I always say that if you’re writing and it makes you feel something, whether that feeling is excitement or it makes you feel nostalgic, it could be any sort of feeling at all, then there’s a connection there and I think that connection translates into the song and into the music.”

“When it connects to you, it usually has the ability to connect with others and I think that at times it is simple, and sometimes it’s complex, but I think either way there have been many times where I’ve haven’t thought about it and have just written what feels right, and people react by telling me how meaningful the song is to them.”

Sabrina‘s upcoming single, “Almost Love”, is coming out June 6th.


SC3 is Coming bitches!!!


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