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Do you feel that Normani deserves more success than Camila?


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  1. 1. Does she deserve success?

    • Hell to the YES! She’s more talented and is just so hungry for it, she deserves to be bigger
    • No, even tho Camila is not humble or nice and kind of an awful person, I still like her more and think she deserves more success

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Yes or no? :raven1:

i feel that Normani WILL have more success and deserves it because she is true talent. Her dancing and surprising voice, and the way she always catches everyone’s attention effortlessly I.e. her performance at the BBawards and that other performance she did the split to save 4Harmony’s tragic performance wheeewww. She’s coming and she will be bigger than Cumilla, and that’s just my gut instinct.

what do you think? :ariscared:

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Just now, The Boy said:

Dancing can only get you so far. Just look at Tinashe :shriek:

Tinashe fucked up her career tho, she just never had that IT factor on stage. Like yeah amazing dancing, but no real personality. 

Normani has a story coming for 5th harmony, still young, and has just begun having her fun. :icant:

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i really hate the word "deserves" sometimes. if normani wants the success camila has, she's gotta work for it. she already has an advantage over other rising solo acts in that she has a fanbase already. now it's up to her plus the people who are managing her to market her well.

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3 hours ago, Desperado said:

Normani DESERVES it :clap: Such an upcoming talent :clap: 

Camila is also talented too...  and she has a good team that makes her do promotion maybe Mani has better BUT who knows? maybe Love Lies will smash in upcoming weeks :britney1:

We'll see.

It’s already smashing rose 11 spots on billboard at 36. It’s gonna keep rising

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