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COP Drag Race: Season 3 [Official Thread]

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Just now, Tiffany Pollard 👑 said:

Awww Tiffany will miss you :ny2:

You were a lip sync assasin and will go down in COPDR Herstory as that.

You did well! And we are proud of you Tokyo! Truly a survivor! :xtinahug:

@Oh My Gaga congrats on the lip sync sweetie! You did THAT! :hug:


At least you judges liked it :demicry:

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@barbiej33p I can’t believe you’re gone :beybawl: you were truly an inspiration on strength and guts, sis, and you’ll always be our lipsync assassin and our Sims girl: A LEGEND :beybawl: ily

and congrats bb @Oh My Gaga :beybawl: so good to see my sis still in the competition!!! Pls i know it’s hard but try to be a bottom again, try being a versatile :tehe: lol :beybawl: congrats again!!!

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Just now, kipperskipper said:

Episode 12: Twinning

Image result for rupaul hello gif

We are at the top 8!! We are so close to crowning COP's next drag superstar!!!!

Congrats to Asia Kyulate @TattoosOnMyMind on your 1st win!! You finally caught up to these other girlies. This race is so close it's still anyone's game!!!

Now since there are 8 of you it seems like a perfect time to pair you up......

Mini Challenge


Now this week is all  about seeing double!!! But this mini challenge is all about seeing double trouble!!
For this mini challenge queens must present their evil twin!!! Tell us her name, what she is like, how she is evil, what she looks like, etc.

You may present her in any way you like through text, gifs, pics, etc.

Now on to the main challenge!! 

Like I mentioned before. This week is about seeing double. Everyone here says we are a drag family right? You are all drag sisters? Well what if you were actually drag twins :gaycat:

Category is... Time Traveling Twins

I now declare you all drag twins....but drag twins that can time travel! :gaycattail: 

For this challenge queens will be paired up in teams of 2. 

One of you will give a look from the past (it can be any older era such as pre-historic, 50's, 20's, 1800's etc). 

One of you will give a look from the future! (it can be a look that's inspired from 10 years from now to 10000 years from now).

But the twist is that they must have similarity or relate to one another. You are twins afterall :gaycat: so get creative!!
Now onto the teams!! Thanks to our ru-ndom generator the teams are....

Team 1:

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Night Tara @Daydream Ariana Gridr @Olivia Pope

Team 2:

  Reveal hidden contents

biblegirl666 @Oh My Gaga BitchKnee @Ms. Knee

Team 3:

  Reveal hidden contents

Asia Kyulate @TattoosOnMyMind Andy Whorel @Bianca Del Rio

Team 4:

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The G.C. @IsThatSaraS Miss Payless Heelton @MISS CAMARADERIE



Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best woman win!

The Lip Sync For Your Life songs are:


by Rita Ora

What kind of slap in the face :parissalt: take my tag off the list :neyde:


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