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2018 Teen Choice Awards

Image result for teen choice awards 2018 logo

Host: TBA
Performers: TBA

Date: June 2, 2018
Location: Los Angeles, California
Time: Pre-Show: 8PM CEST; Main Show: 8:45/9PM CEST


Visionary Award
Decade Award


Choice Music: Male Artist
Choice Music: Female Artist
Choice Music: Group
Choice Music: Latin Artist
Choice Music: R&B Artist
Choice Music: Hip Hop Artist
Choice Music Single: Male Artist
Choice Music Single: Female Artist
Choice Music: Collaboration
Choice Music: Pop Song
Choice Music: Country Song
Choice Music: Dance/Electronic Song
Choice Music: R&B Song
Choice Music: Hip Hop Song
Choice Music: Breakout Artist
Choice Music: Next Big Thing
Choice Music: Summer Song
Choice Summer Music Artist: Male
Choice Summer Music Artist: Female
Choice Music: Summer Tour
Choice Music: International Artist
Choice Hottie: Male
Choice Hottie: Female
Choice Style Icon
Choice Fandom
Choice Changemaker

Nominations: Nominations for the TCAs will mostly be based on popularity/sales/charts with a margin on whether or not the music being nominated is favourable by the younger generation. As a random example, if you've signed Celine Dion, you aren't likely to do that well in a Harry Styles world. I will decipher the nominations and @Avalanche, @MDNAInMyRebelHeart and I will vote for the winners. A winner that 2 or 3 of us agree with will be taking the award home.

Performances: Please message me (@Nicki Minaj) with your performance submissions. Simply mention your artists' name and an idea of what they would perform.

Host: Please message me once again if you would like your artists to host the show. Please include an example of why your artist would be a great host for the show and what Teen Choice may expect.


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Official Schedule :: 2018 Teen Choice Awards

20:00 CEST - 20:45 CEST: Red Carpet
Red Carpet throughout the time mentioned above.

20:45 CEST - 21:45 CEST: Main Show
Opening Performance #1: Ariana Grande
Speech #1: Miranda Sings
Award: Choice Music: Female Artist (The Weeknd)
Performance #2: Ivy/Normani
Award: Choice Music: Male Artist (Miley Cyrus)
Speech #2: Miranda Sings


Choice Music: Pop Song (Ivy)
Performance #3: Britney Spears
Speech #3: Miranda Sings
Award: Choice Music: Dance/Electronic Song (Nick Jonas)
Performance #4: Kash Doll
Speech #4: Miranda Sings
Award: Choice Music: Hip-Hop Song (Anne-Marie)


Performance #5: 
Miranda Sings
Award: Choice Music: R&B Artist (Olly Alexander)
Speech #5: Miranda Sings
Performance #6: Shawn Mendes
Award: Choice Fandom (Mariah Carey)
Speech #6: Miranda Sings
Performance #7: Olly Alexander


Speech #7: 
Miranda Sings
Award: Choice Music Single: Female Artist (Shakira)
Performance #8: Delta Goodrem
Speech #8: Miranda Sings
Award: Choice Music Single: Male Artist (Delta Goodrem)
Performance #9: Demi Lovato
Speech #9: Miranda Sings
Award: Choice Music: Breakout Artist (Demi Lovato)


Performance #10: 
Cardi B
Speech #10: Miranda Sings
Performance #11: Bryson Tiller
Award: Choice Music: Next Big Thing (Shawn Mendes)
Speech #11: Miranda Sings
Performance #12: Dua Lipa
Award: Choice Music: Summer Song (Cardi B)
Performance #13: Armani
Speech #12: Miranda Sings
Award: Choice Music: Collaboration (Armani)


Award: Choice Summer Music Artist: Male (Diana Gordon)
Performance #14: Miley Cyrus
Award: Choice Summer Music Artist: Female (CupcakKe)
Closing Speech #13: Miranda Sings
Closing Performance #15: The Weeknd


All the awards not mentioned in the schedule will not be announced during the show. It could be announced via Twitter or with the full list at the end of the show! 

Your performance needs to be send to @Avalanche & @Nicki Minaj in PM before Saturday!
Your acceptance speech (write one if you'd like, I would appreciate so much) needs to be send to @Avalanche & @Nicki Minaj in PM before Saturday!
Your award presenting speech (write one of you'd like, I would appreciate) needs to be send to @Avalanche & @Nicki Minaj in PM before Saturday!

Questions? Feel free to ask them in the Discussion Thread.

@Adam @Finessé Knowles @MDNAInMyRebelHeart @The Family Jewels @Avalanche @Sempiternal @Ms. Knee @hammer @LittleMixer @FlorianLovato @FindingApo @barbiej33p @kipperskipper @Caramel @Trainwreck @Bianca Del Rio @L U K E @beysus

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Miley Cyrus - Red Carpet


Host: Miley Cyrus is here on the Red Carpet everyone!
Miley: Hey, guys!
Host: What a great choice of dress, Miley, I love it!
Miley: Thank you so much, I love this one very much actually.
Host: So, how're you feeling? Performing and nominated for seven categories.
Miley: I'm so nervous, you have no idea. I hope the performance goes well, been rehearsing a lot and I hope we can take an award home, would be great!
Host: Your album is also coming out in less than a month.
Miley: Yes, so excited. I'm also nervous about that one, but as long as I love it and feel confident about it, I'm sure the public and my fans will love it too.
Host: I'm 100% sure it will, well, go into the building and we'll see you later!
Miley: *Hugs host*, byee! *Walks off*

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Olly Alexander on the red carpet!



Host: Hello Olly Alexander!!!! The man of the night! You are up for 9 nominations which is the most out of anyone! How does that feel?

It feels so nice but weird hahaha It is very humbling and a huge compliment! I never go into awards shows with any expectations so I am just here to enjoy the night!

Well I am sure you will take some home. Now tell us about this look! It is very different to say the least.

Yes it is hahah I just wanted to wear something very free and liberating. My new song The Precipice of Happiness is about wanting to get to that place of full liberation. So I figured I should stick to my word and challenge myself to do so. I may feel a little uncomfortable in this, but isn't that what change feels like?

Wow very interesting. So there is a deeper meaning. Cool! Now your new song just came out! What has the reaction been like?

It has been overwhelmingly positive!! The fans have shared their stories as to how this song has touched them and resonated with them. In turn, their stories resonated with me! It is so nice to connect with fans on a personal level due to my music and art. That's all I want. That beats all of the awards!

That is amazing! You will be performing it tonight! What can we expect?

Well the performance will hopefully be powerful. It is very simple but powerful. I hope all goes well hahah

Well we can't wait! Olly, congrats on your 9 nominations and on your single!! Good luck tonight with your performance!!

Thank you so much!

The Precipice of Happiness by Olly is out now and you can pre-order Identity!!! Bye!!

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Delta Goodrem on the red carpet

Host: And there we have Delta Goodrem. Welcome to the red carpet!

Delta Goodrem: Thank you so much!

Host: You look gorgeous tonight, can you tell us who's responsible for your amazing look?

Delta Goodrem: Oh thank you so much, you look great too! So my dress tonight is made by a designer from Sydney called Lucy Rose. She did a really good job!

Host: You're going to perform your song Heavy tonight - what can we expect to see?

Delta Goodrem: It's going to be unlike any other performance tonight - backed down and emotional. You're gonna see the most pure side you've ever seen of me.

Host: And you're also nominated for international artist, do you think you can win your first award tonight?

Delta Goodrem: Lost of great acts are up in that category, I'm flattered to be nominated! But of course it would be an honor for the work I do, keeping my fingers crossed!

Host: Thank you so much Delta and enjoy the show tonight!



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Miranda Sings on the Red Carpet


Host: Here she is the host of the night!!!


Wow that was a nice note. Well how does it feel to be the host of the night? This is your show today!

 It feels great. I am being treated like the queen that I am. Everyone has to listen to my orders and follow my rules! I love it.

So what can we expect tonight?

Lots of surprises. I mean all of the top famous singers will be here so I have to prove that I am better than them. I mean I do that every day but this time I get to do it in front of their faces.

Well you are nominated for 8 awards!! One of the most nominated tonight and one of the most nominated females! How does that feel?

 It feels ok. I should have more nominachins and I should have the most. But as long as I win the most awards tonight then that is fine.

Tell us about this look! It is very ....you!

Yes it is a lip dress! My new single is Loose Lips and so is my album, so I figured that's what I will wear!!!

It is certainly a statement piece! Well what can we expect from your performance?

 The biggest bets one of the night!! Go buy Loose Lips on itunes bye!!

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Omg, here comes one of tonight’s performers! She’s also nominated tonight... Kash Doll!


How are you doing tonight? Congratulations on the album by the way.

You know what... I’m doing wonderful! Like you said my album is out and the reception has been amazing.

Yes, well you’re performing tonight. What should we expect from the performance?

You know. I didn’t really go all out this time. I wanted it to resemble a concert so I would just say expect to turn up and have a great time!

Who are you looking forward to seeing perform?

I’m looking forward to everyone. I’m looking forward to hopefully meeting Shawn Mendez. He did something super sweet for my album release and I just wanna hug him! *giggles*

Well, we’ll see you inside! Have a great evening.

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Image result for britney spears jumpsuit

Host: Here's Britney Spears now! Britney how are you doing?

Britney: I'm great! Super excited about tonight!

Host: Britney you are nominated for 6 awards how does that feel?

Britney: It's really a great feeling to know that I have all these amazing fans that vote for me in these award shows and even in I don't win it's great to be nominated.

Host: You are performing tonight are you nervous?
Britney: I get nervous almost all the time so yeah I am a bit.

Host: How do you feel about Miranda Sings hosting?

Britney: Oh look, it's time for me to go! Bye now!

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Announcer: Welcome to the 2018 Teen Choice Awards! Performing her brand new summer hit and opening the show, please welcome Ariana Grande!


The performance began with the lights going off and the big screens in the background showing a sun flying up the screen in front of a black background. As it reached the top of the screen, it started to spread its sun rays across the screen and magically created a beach aesthetic. Once the screens were used as a beach background, the lights on the stage went on and showed Ariana in a swimsuit with a cute skirt over it and some sunglasses, lying on a beach chair under an umbrella. She sang the first verse by herself on the chair and the camera was showing a mid shot of her, with much of the background being hidden. As she sang the pre-chorus, she was moving around the chair and doing some somewhat seductive (but still super kid friendly) moves to match the lyrics. As the chorus started to kick in, the camera continued to zoom out and showed Ariana and her dancers slowly walking to the front of the stage. As we could see more of the stage, we could see a lot more beach props, like inflatable trees, more umbrellas and even some Teen Choice Awards that Grande won from past years. After Ariana sang “I’m not quite sure of the weather”, her and her dancers slickly threw their sunglasses off of their heads. As the dance break came, Ariana and her female dancers broke into a dance break and you could see four of Ariana’s male dancers popping up at the back of the stage wearing muscle shirts and board shorts.

For the second verse, Ariana sang the lyrics out to the crowd and her male and female dancers all found a partner of the opposite sex and danced together. They were doing some choreography together, similar to ballroom dancing but fast and altered to match the dance pop song. For the next pre-chorus, Ariana started harmonising with herself and doing some random runs to keep the performance lively in terms of vocals. For the second dance break, Ariana and her dancers all did some different choreography from before. This one was a lot more campy and included some vogueing and fierce facial expressions. Ariana and her dancers then sectioned off to the sides of the stage so that one of Ariana’s male dancers could break-dance as the dance break was repeated a second time. He ended with a handstand and then the dancers were all doing some fun freestyle dance moves, while Ariana was performing some runs once again. She then got into the centre of the stage again to belt out the bridge. “HEAT UP LIKE YOU DOOOOOOOO”.

Instead of the song coming back, Ariana screamed “Do y’all know this one? Let’s party!” and the deep house drop for ‘World Without Your Love’ kicked in. “Thinking ‘bout a world without you really makes me sick / It would be like hell on earth / It would really be the pits”. Ariana and her dancers were doing some slow choreography which pretty much involved them walking around but with a new move on each beat of the song. As the chorus was repeated a second time, Ariana started belting again and confetti started pouring over the crowd. Ariana jumped off of the stage and then held hands with some of the fans that were close to the stage. Once the song was coming to an end, she belted out “IN A WORLD WITHOUT YOUR LOVIN’, BAYYBYYYYY”. She posed in the centre of the stage (in front of it) and her dancers posed on the stage as the crowd cheered for them.

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Announcer: Welcome to the 2018 Teen Choice Awards! Tonight, we have an amazing line up of performances for you from some of the hottest artists, including Ariana Grande, Ivy, Normani, Britney Spears, Kash Doll, Shawn Mendes, Olly Alexander, Delta Goodrem, Demi Lovato, Cardi B, Bryson Tiller, Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus. Plus, some of your favs will be taking home some brand new 2018 Teen Choice surfboards tonight! Now, to kick off the show, please welcome your host Miranda Sings!

The lights were all dim in the stadium and then the went completely dark! 

Then a countdown on the big screen appeared!!

Related image

After the countdown occured some colroful bars appeared on all screens....


Then.... a youtube video appeared titled "Hello Teen Choice Awards." It began to play on the big screens on stage.


"Hey guys it's me Miranda Siiiiihhhhiiiiiiinnnnnggggsss" (she sings with vibrato). Welcumto the Teen Choits Awards...or as I like to call it the Miranda Choits Awards because every choits should be me! This is going to be the biggest, bestest, most iconic award show ever because I am the host!!! So stay tuned for the best show you have ever seen in your entire life!

Related image

When the video ends Miranda descends down from the ceiling in a golden cloud as if she is god.

Image result for miranda sings float

 The stage is full of Miranda art and sculptures of her face. When she gets on he stage she takes her bow.

Hello everyone!! The queen of rap, hip hop, pop, R&B, Country, gospel, edm, and every other genre. You're welcome for hosting and you're welcome for me being alive. It looks like we have a full house!!

I see Ariana Grande is here! Or as my uncle likes to call her "Ariana Grindr". :gaycattail: Which I don't know what that means?? Anyways, she was my vocal coach a while ago and look where she is now! In the audience watching me host! :tehe: 

Dula Peep is here! I have a new rule for you.... get a vocal coach. 

 I see Olly Ollyzander and his boyfriend Troye! Oh wait...that's Shawn. Has anyone seen Nick? :greenface: Anyways it's time you go grab some meat, your uncle, and some hairs because this show is about to start!

We have spechil performances by me!!!! And other annoying people....I guess I have to read their names. But when I say them don't clap! Ok so we have performances by Olly Ollyzander, Shawn Mendiss, Demo Vibrato, Dula Peep, Ariana Grande, Katch Doll, Britney the-old-lady-that-shouldn't-be-here-cuz-she-isn't-a-teen-and-no-one-knows-her-msuic-anymore-becuase-she-was- popula-in-1890-and-now-she-is-trying-hard-to-be-releavant- Spears, Bryson Tyson, and other people I don't care about. Goch why is this list so long??? How come no one told me I would have to read so much???? 

Anyways it's time for the first award. Here to present the award for Choice Female Artist give it up for Loga Paul and Liza Kotchy! I better win this one....

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Announcer: Please welcome Logan Paul and Liza Koshy!


Liza Koshy: This award is for the WOMEN, showcasing for the WOMEN. You wouldn't know nothing about that, Logan.
Logan: Well, I was asked to be here and ready to celebrate some talented women in the music industry.
Liza: Anyway, let's take a look at the nominees and see who's here to win the first award of the night!

Ariana Grande
Miranda Sings
Britney Spears
Miley Cyrus
Taylor Swift

Logan: And the winner is ... a fellow YouTuber

Image result for miranda sings winning award

Thank you for this awart. It was well deserved and some award shows should be taking notes! I'd like to thank myself because I love you so much and you've always helped me through everything. Thank you, bye.

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Announcer: Now, we have a very special performance for you from two women nominated for the 'Choice Music: Next Big Thing' award. Give it up for Ivy and Normani!

The stage starts completely black. The moment the beat to “Buzzkiller” begins, neon blue-green lights fall onto Ivy, who is standing centre stage with two female Asian dancers her side. Wearing the same fashionable outfit as she does in the single artwork for the track, Ivy bops to the beat before beginning to rap the first verse. She struts forward as she progresses to the chorus; the two dancers by her side whipping their long black hair as they move beside her. On the final beat before the chorus starts, the dancers throw off their jackets and perform a trippy dance routine.

Following the first chorus, an Asian male in a slick suit wearing black sunglasses joins Ivy on stage, making it rain with dollar bills beside Ivy, who stands with her back against him. She shakes it beside him before strutting away with her dancers, who are joined by more dancers on the left hand side of the stage. The camera moves to a mid-shot in front of Ivy and her dancers performing around the camera; Ivy remaining at the centre of the troupe as they do so.

The camera cut rapidly across different angles during the second chorus, with Ivy and the girls remaining in the same position as they perform to the audience. At the end of this chorus, Ivy throws her hand in the air and stops singing, performing a dance break to the beat of the track with her dancers. The choreography is tight and reminiscent of a piece of kpop choreography, with Ivy adding an additional kick of swagger to it. The performance ends with Ivy and her dancers kicking into a spin, with the camera turning for Normani's performance.

Normani sits on a throne carried by hunky black men wearing tribal outfits.
Been harmonizing all my life

The hunks put the throne down and the instrumentals start. Normani and the hunks start dancing
All my independent women, get to the dance floor
I know when dusk turns dawn

For the chorus, the hunks form a circle and throw Normani into the air.
You ain't ever gonna see nobody flow like me

They let her down for the second verse and resume their dance.
All the girls helped me through some stuff
I know when dusk turns dawn

During the second chorus Normani walks up to each of her six hunks and pushes them onto the ground.
You ain't ever gonna see nobody flow like me

She walks back to the center of the stage and suddenly during the bridge a massive lion rises from underneath her.
Don't need no partner, I boss around my man 

When the lion is at its full height, Normani resumes her choreo on top of the lion.
You ain't ever gonna see nobody flow like me


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Announcer: Please welcome Miley Cyrus!

*Ready Or Not plays*

Image result for miley cyrus presenting award

"Male artist are blowing up in the industry at the moment, also the females, you know right! Different male artist we're on top of the charts, but was it good enough to be nominated for this special award? Here are the nominees!"

"The Weeknd, Olly Alexander, Shawn Mendes, Nick Jonas, Drake & Bryson Tiller"

"And the Teen Choice Awards goes to *opens card*..... OLLY ALEXANDERRR!"

Image result for olly alexander winning award

I'm so blessed to have such amazing fans that voted for this award tonight. I obviously wanna celebrate how pride month just began and I want every gay kid at home to know that you are loved and cherished just the way you are and we'll keep fighting to make sure you and all the people around you can realise that! Thank you so much to my fans, Teen Choice, Miley, you're all amazing.

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Miranda is wearing a veil and holding her hands like she is praying. 

Image result for miranda sings gif

Umm ok thank you Miley....ugh she s so annoying. If this is the teen choice awards how come they let a porn star in? No offence. If I were you I wouldn't touch that award. You may get an STD. Anyways,

congrachilachins to Olly. You are not my first choice male since Jesus is....but Jesus wasn't nominated for a TCA. Speeking of Jesus, I have a song on my album Loose Lips called Jesus Loves You, But He Loves Me More. That song is a song that makes you feel good about yourself, but makes me feel better than you.

Now since we are talking about the lord and saver Jesus Chrise i figure I show you this video of me talking to him from a weejee...oogeee....woojie...one of those boards... while we go to a commerchal break!!


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