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Is Fall in Line the best song of 2018?

Is Fall in Line the best song of 2018?  

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  1. 1. Is Fall in Line the best song of 2018?

    • Yes, TBH.
    • Not really. ...... is better (please specify)

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Just now, TattoosOnMyMind said:

It's not even the best song of this month.:umwat:

LIES :umwat: 


Just now, Liam Payne said:

I thought it was until I've heard Sangria Wine just now :shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga::shookga:

Who? :shookga:


Just now, KingOfCrescentLovatic said:

I like the song and the message, but no.

What's your favourite? 


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