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Whose career is the most over-rated in the stan world?

Whose career is the most over rated in the stan world?  

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  1. 1. Whose career is the most over rated?

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Were all guilty of over exaggerating our faves success, acclaim, stats, etc but when we take a closer unbiased look at career stats we will see there is nothing extraordinarily about it.

so whose career is the most over rated in the “stan world”? 



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None of them really they've all had pretty great lengthy careers....In stan world I'd probably say Lady Gaga because her fans do like to act that she is bigger than she is. She merely got lucky with the huge following post-ARTPOP tbh. She will continue to do amazing things, though.

How is Lana overrated lmfao? The gays that love her are genuine and I think Anal stans are always really like, introspective and invested in Lana's music particularly. Her music is what makes us love her so much. Ya'll out here acting like Lana stans call her the best artist of all time if anything she is severely underrated IRL and in the stan world but that's to not fault of her own.

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Just now, Black Beauty ? said:

I dont understand the votes for Lana.

She does NO promo for her albums and always debut with 100k on every release without promo/payola and a hit.

That is impressive.

Tea we love a legend who doesn't beg for sales although she did quite a lot of online promo for Lust For Life

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Lana. Her fans like to say that to her standards she's doing fine. Like sorry but her standards are low to begin with and her stans make it seem like she sold 48082932938 copies. Then when they get mad they say BORN TO DIE IS STILL ON BB200 well okay but what about Honeymoon Ultraviolence etc.

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