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Treacherous Swiftie

Taylor Swift Granted Restraining order against obsessed fan.

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Swift filed for a restraining order Wednesday in L.A. County against Julius Sandrock -- the man who was arrested at her property last month for felony stalking. You'll recall ... cops were called when he was spotted in front of Taylor's Bev Hills mansion, and was later found to have live ammunition, latex gloves, rope and multiple types of masks in his car.

Police say he was arrested while trying to break into her pad wearing one of the masks and a separate pair of gloves. According to the police report, he told cops he suffered from OCD, bipolar disorder, severe depression and manic episodes. He also allegedly divulged he'd recently gotten divorced, and Taylor's music helped him through it. Cops say Sandrock explained away the masks and gloves by saying he's a germophobe, and that he wears them frequently. He went on to apologize for the live ammunition in his car, saying he'd forgotten to clean it out. 

Cops say Sandrock was on probation in Colorado for a firearms-related offense. As a result, he was slapped with a temporary firearms restraining order here, at the behest of law enforcement. Now, it appears Taylor's taking it one step further ... getting a temporary restraining of her own. We've just learned that Taylor was granted the order, which will stay in effect until a court hearing in June. Sandrock has to stay 500 yards away from her, any of her property and any of her concerts or public appearances. 

According to the docs, Sandrock has been released from custody ... and Swift along with her team isn't sure where he is. 



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