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Madonna | Madame X | June 14, 2019

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9 minutes ago, Lucky said:

15 tracks is a cute amount of songs

Dark ballet is intriguing but in reality ballet is lame so I dont have high expectations

It's with Mirwais, reminder that he produced some of Madonna's BEST songs!! 

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4 hours ago, Oh My Gaga said:

She might've accidentally leaked the album's tracklist on her IG story, deleted now



Notice how she commented "Dark ballet" under Mirwais' post


though I don't know bout Beautiful Game I can't spot it there

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1. Killers
2. Extreme Occident
3. Dark Ballet
4. I Don’t Search I Find
5. God Control
6. Batida
7. Funana
8. Medellia/Medellín (?)
9. Future
10. I Live/Care(?)
11. Crazy
12. Faz Gostar/Gostoso (Portuguese)
13. Luca/Loca/Lola (?)
14. Back That Up (?)
15. Come Alive
16. N/A

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On 11/10/2018 at 6:56 AM, Avril Lavigne said:

Let's just hope it's better than the things she's been putting out these last few years. :cheers:

I mean, it'll flop, and she's a mess these days, but maybe she'll put out something where she's not chasing trends. She's running back to Mirwais for the 4 time (5th if you don't count that shelved musical). She ran back to William Orbit and put out MDNO. Will she incorporate her skin care line to this album?

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I hope to god it’s true. It feels a lifetime since R*bel H*art was released and that album was tepid at best. I’m perched for new music. I hope there’s no useless cameos (what was she thinking with Mike Tyson?), no overt self indulgence (Bitch I’m Madonna) and a shortened tracklist (14-19 songs is too much).

And for god sake put that ukulele AWAY! 

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