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Disgusting RACIST has a meltdown over Spanish speakers

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Just now, jackgrande said:

This reminds me of this video...

There’s so much blatant racism in America it’s disgusting

Then they had huge party where they had bbq to. Black Americans deserve to stand up to this rude hag anyways. Racism is cruel :(

I saw this on few of timelines to 

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Why is it that before I click on a video you can always tell who the racists are?:rip:


Just now, Black Beauty 👑 said:

Gosh I despise ignorant fucking people like this oh my gosh, they are so so despicable, some of y'all here like to say SJW's are the worst kind of people... no bitch this is the worst type of people. :rihwhat:

This reminds of me of American Idol this season, a contestant Michelle Sussett, many of the viewers who are conservative/right wing were pissed that she sang some songs in Spanish and were using the same rubbish argument about "This is America blah blah blah", gosh the backward mentality really annoys me :rihwhat:.


SJWs at MOST are annoying or self righteous little shits and are generally in the minority. They have no real power to make actual change within our society bc all they do is rant on Twitter and Tumblr.

Racist shitholes like these have actual power within our society bc those racist sentiments are still echoed within the older generation.


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I don't get how losers get so offended hearing another language. Poor babies probably feel inferior because they know they're too stupid to ever grasp a second language. I always enjoy hearing non-english speakers when I'm out even though I never have any idea what they're saying lol. Someone needs to lay this guy out and teach him a lesson. 

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Just now, Přemek said:

God he's hot. I can see where he's coming from, I wouldn't do it the way he did. I hope that woman that said she hopes he gets hit by a car got reprimanded, that is not the way to be treating a customer.

Smh, I can see why you support Trump.:katy3:

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