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How does John Wayne by Gaga only has 30M views?

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When french artists get 30 millions views in 3 weeks you have GLOBAL/INTERNATIONAL SENSATION Lady Gaga whos struggling to get those views in 1,5 Year isnt it kinda pathetic for the proclaimed influencer of the 2010s?



+ don't forget she had more promo than a president campaign with the superbowl, grammys, ahs, commercials but is still struggling, rip gags

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Just now, Eevee said:

And it's the same for Britney, they're barely getting views, i thought they were legends? :rihwave:

I mean The Beatles are legends that shaped pop music and no one is streaming them lol.

Not that I'm saying Gaga is a legend of course she can't get a hit to save her life nowadays b6CL7HD.gif

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