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Did No Tears Left To Cry disappoint/underperform?


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  1. 1. How is it doing?

    • No impact, a flop most likely
    • It’s smashing, it won

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Hmmm I feel like it really had no impact. A lead single from a main pop girl should make some kind of noise, and this made a soft fart sound.


Is Ariallah not a main pop girl?, even tho I love her? :wendyw:

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It’s doing wayyy better than her last era, the last time she debuted or even reached the top 3 was in the My Everything era with Problem. She’s stable on almost every chart, rising on radio everyday, her YouTube views are great, it’s maintaining global success. For a song that’s only been out 3 weeks we can’t really judge it’s overall success yet but it’s doing amazingly so far for her standards, plus none of her lead singles or eras have ever had as much hype as this has. It’s exceeding my expectations


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