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Jessie J on the industry today: “If talent always won over popularity, imagine how it looked like today”

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I kind of do...I mean we live in a day and age where viral "stars" get a free ride into things like recording contracts (not thinking anyone specifically atm) yet people with actual raw talent get overlooked a lot. Jessie J is a goddess with a killer voice yet people sleep on her and it pisses me of the fuck off! I think one big issue is people like her who are passionate about music and actually have a voice, aren't as willing to bend backward for some of the shit record companies like to pull (basically dictating how they act, what kind of music they sing/write, all that crap). The viral "stars" and "one hit wonder" type of popular people that are so trendy these days will do anything to get famous no matter what, so they get pumped out left and right. 

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She spilled nothing but hot boiling tea. She would be one of the most successful artists in the world right now if talent truly won always. Instead we have Selena Gomez and Britney Spears who have zero to little talent bar their looks :nickinoshade:

Beyoncé has both talent and popularity. But Gaga, Sia, and others with actual talent would be in a much better place if talent always won. It's such a shame that the industry sells it's self on how good looking/popular you are, or the sex appeal

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Just now, Dirkje said:

TEA! As Jessie J is talented!

So is Louisa Johnson who is about to get dropped from her label when she released the bop of 2018!

And this is called Simon Cowell being an arsehole. Sorry not sorry, Louisa is talented and just because she may not have that 'sex appeal' that 5H or Little Mix has means Simon can drop her like a hot potato... even though Simon is the ugly one. It's people like him who are ruining the industry 


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