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Joanne The Scammer

the cringiest thing ur faves ever did

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music wise




britney jean ...the whole thing. i dont even have to explain. i pretend blow job doesnt even exist



taylor- reputation

it has some nice bops but jesus the era is a mess. i hope it closes as soon the tour ends

and i hope i'll never see joseph kahn doing her mv ever again cuz;




cupcakke- nothing except not being viral af at this point

she's just iconic


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Just now, Joanne The Scammer said:

well now u know how i felt during ff era

esp this;




HAHAHAHAHA :kelly: i remember the first time i saw this, i was dying :kelly: 

Just now, エリス★ said:


This one was SOOOOO cringey :rip: The soccer mom jumped OUT

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All the Britney ones posted above. FF era was really something else, especially after a great Circus era.

In terms of BTS, their tryhard debut concept and styling. :laughcry: Their music itself hasn't been too cringy during this time and had great songs but...




You know it's bad if one of the member himself said the styling was something they regret for being cringy and problematic.

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