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Treacherous Swiftie

Cardi B is more talented than Kesha why?

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Guest messiah

I want you all to understand this. Adele is a better rapper than Cardi B

So tell me how Cardboard is more talented than Kesha when Cardboard can’t even rap well?

Pressed little giraffes everywhere :poot:

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3 minutes ago, NIGHTRIDER said:

cardi being put against kesha? :lmfao: KII
kesha wins obviously, and i dont even stan her


Just now, Courtney Stodden said:

an overrated rapper being put against an underrated singer..




Just now, Diaboliq said:

Delusional :rip:


Just now, owensivan said:

Kesha is way more talented than Cardiac Arrest :nickinoshade:


we love people with intelligence and taste :receipts2:

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