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COPer @Naus Appreciation Thread

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A LEGENDARy Xtina and Mariah stan! @Naus has TASTE and loves to ACCELERATE upvotes TWICE! It's a new COper but he's not predictable, he wasnt made to fall in line!

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I know I got some people fuming because I call out their overrated/untalented faves, but I appreciate the love and support from COPers who stan talent. Those who only care about chart positions and quick lil' singles are the reason the music industry is in the state it is right now. I won't be complicent in their delusion. I'll pay not attention to their skewed logic and fallacious claims.

I promess to always stan for talent and respect anyone who has it, even if they're not my faves. I solemnly swear to never cease my war on untalented celebs and fads, for all I care about is fairness and fighting against heard mentality and pathological delusion. I don't mind getting a thousand dislikes for speaking my mind; like MSL said, I wasn't made to fall in line. Thank you :lush:



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