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A woman is accused of sending 65,000 texts after one date

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Can you imagine getting 65,000 text messages after just one date? An Arizona woman is accused of doing just that. And it didn't end there.

Police arrested 31-year old Jacqueline Ades after finding her in the Paradise Valley man's bathtub.

According to investigators, she had met the man online about a year prior, but she wouldn't leave him alone.

Court documents say Ades sent the victim about 500 messages a day, which included disturbing ones like, "I want to wear your body parts" and "bathe in your blood."

Officers say they found a butcher knife in her car when she was most recently arrested on charges of threatening, stalking and harassment.

The woman said she was simply in love. "I felt like I met my soulmate and everything was just the way it was," said Ades. "And I thought we would just do what everybody else did and just get married and everything would be fine. But that's not what happened."

She's now in jail with no bond.


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Just now, Avril Lavigne said:

I know you're not trying to insult me. :waxga: 

Of course it was me. :poot2:

Oh wow, such great time-management! I struggle to send even 1 text message after a date - will you teach me your amazing productivity skills sis?


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