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BTS | Love Yourself 轉 “Tear” | OUT NOW

Favorite concept photo for the album?  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Favorite Album Photo Concept?

    • Y (Desert landscapes)
    • O (Black and white)
    • U ("Soft" tears)
    • R (Denim on denim)

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BTS | Love Yourself 轉 “Tear” | OUT NOW





1. Intro: Singularity

2. Fake Love [Title Track/"1st SINGLE"]

3. Undelivered Truth (ft. Steve Aoki)

4. 134340

5. Paradise

6. Love Maze

7. Magic Shop

8. Airplane part. 2

9. Anpanman

10. So what

11. Outro: Tear


BTS - Fake Love (Title Track/"1st SINGLE")




Church of Pop "FAKE LOVE" Single Discussion Thread





V of BTS - Singularity (Comeback Trailer/“Promo Single”)





Where to get album







Apple Music/iTunes Store







Amazon (Official Seller)


Best Buy (Delivery + Pick-Up)


Target (Delivery + Pick-Up)






May 18th - “Album Preview Show” on VLive

May 18th - Worldwide Album Release

May 20th - “2018 Billboard Music Awards” Fake Love Performance

May 24th - “BTS Comeback Show” Live on MNET and Youtube

May 25th - “Ellen Show” Fake Love Performance

TBA - "The Late Late Show with James Corden" Fake Love Performance

TBA - "Buzzfeed Celeb" Puppy Interview




Album Photos Preview


Concept Photo: “Y”




Concept Photo: “O”




Concept Photo: “U”



Concept Photo: “R”




Individual member photos can be found here: http://bts.ibighit.com

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In case someone wants to know why this K-Pop group’s release is on the Music News section, under the spoiler are feats BTS has accomplished with their last era “Love Yourself: Her” and why they should be posted in this forum section.





Love Yourself: Her was #7 on US Hot 200 (Peak/Debut) and is still charting today after 29 weeks.


Mic Drop was #28 on US Hot 100 (Peak/Debut) and charted for 10 weeks.




Mic Drop reached #1 on the US iTunes Top Songs chart.


Mic Drop reached #1 on the iTunes charts of over 60 countries.


Mic Drop reached #1 on the overall Worldwide iTunes chart.


Sales and Certifications


Love Yourself: Her has sold over 1,666,330 PHYSICAL COPIES worldwide (as of April 2018).


Love Yourself: Her has sold over 95,500 pure albums in USA.


Both DNA and Mic Drop has been certified Gold by the RIAA (500,000 Certified Units Each)


Youtube Views


DNA is 7th most viewed music video in the first 24 hours (As of May 11, 2018), above the records set by ...Ready for It?, Bad Blood, Anaconda, and Wrecking Ball.


DNA has garnered 360,000,000 views on Youtube in 7 months (As of May 11, 2018).


Mic Drop has garnered 240,000,000 views on Youtube in 5 months (As of May 11, 2018).




Both DNA and Mic Drop have been streamed over 100,000,000 times on Spotify (As of May 11, 2018).


Awards and Performances


BTS won “Top Social Artist” at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and performed at the 2017 American Music Awards.


Performed and appeared on Ellen Show, Late Late Show with James Corden, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.



PLUS, their upcoming “Love Yourself” World Tour’s North America tickets were all sold out on the day they were released, including 3 nights at the Staple Center.


All but one of their venues have an average seating capacity of 17,000 - 20,000, including the famous O2 Arena in London. BTS for sure is hitting it big worldwide so their new releases should be posted in the Music News section.


(I will make a thread soon for “BTS World Tour: Love Yourself” once more info is released.)




Back to talking about the new era!


What’s your favorite album photo concept released so far? Y (Desert landscapes), O (black & white), U (soft tears), or R (denim on denim)?


Mine is the denim on denim. Gives it a nice subtle Calvin Klein vibe.


Also reminds me of the good old 2002 era Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

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I can’t wait!! And we’re literally just one week away I can’t believe it

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Im so excited, and I was really hoping for that V solo and he definitely delivered

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Tracklist got revealed today!!!


English translation for Track #3 and Track #5 = Undelivered Truth and Paradise

I can already sense the dark themes/tones just from the titles. I think we are in for a good era! The song amount is shorter compared to their other full length albums but 11 tracks is def a good amount + they will most likely do a repackage/re-release with new songs later this year + early next year. Satisfied!

Also, here is the preview of all the 104 page photobook, photocards, and other goodies that are included with the album.


Have any of you guys pre-ordered this album/planning to pre-order this album? I pre-ordered mine on Amazon today.

On 5/11/2018 at 7:01 PM, Dangerous Woman said:

I can’t wait!! And we’re literally just one week away I can’t believe it

It's now only 4 days away...!


I really really hope for an Ariana X BTS interaction this Sunday at the BBMAs. Will make my whole year tbh


On 5/11/2018 at 9:42 PM, Bite said:

Im so excited, and I was really hoping for that V solo and he definitely delivered

His solo work was so good. It really fit him and he executed it perfectly. I hope he gets to perform a bit of the song at Billboard Music Awards but highly unlikely as the main single Fake Love is 4 minutes long.

I wonder when he gets to do solo work again, he continues this R&B/neo-soul vibe like he did with Singularity and Stigma. Would be cool to see him tackle other genres too.

On 5/11/2018 at 10:51 PM, Pixelated Kunt said:

im excited for this, "Love yourself: Her" was a good album

I wonder if this album will follow the general direction of Love Yourself: Her? It's a really good album from them but a lot of fans consider it more pop-inspired compared to their previous works. I personally loved it. 11 new songs like the album and I'll be happy haha.

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Ugh so much updates!! 1.) 1st teaser for the main single Fake Love was released and is linked in the OP.

2.) BTS has arrived in Los Angeles and just filmed performance for James Corden Show, will film for Ellen Show on Thursday...

3.) Buzzfeed Celeb will interview them for their "Puppy Interview" segment. You can send in your questions by clicking this link!

4.) BREAKING = BTS signed a distribution deal with COLUMBIA RECORDS! AND Fake Love will impact radio on the day of release. HOPEFULLY, they can both peak high and have longevity on the Billboard Hot 100 with their new single(s) this era. Not too worried about albums as them charting long and peaking at Top 5 is pretty much given when it comes to the Billboard Hot 200.

Also, here is a sneak peak of the song Fake Love courtesy of Billboard. Holy shit it already sounds like a bop. :gaycat3:

On 5/13/2018 at 2:13 PM, Tattooed Heart said:

Paradise and magic shop sound cute, perchedT!

Magic Shop has been produced by DJ Swivel (who worked on a few of The Chainsmokers songs like Closer and produced Jungkook's Euphoria) and Jungkook so I am looking forward to that one a lot as well now.

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Teaser #2! We get to hear the song a bit more this time. According to people who went to the pre-recording of "The Late Late Show with James Corden", it's like an upgraded version of Blood Sweat and Tears. That same gloomy vibe marked with slick and sensual yet powerful choreography. Can't wait. (Also, peep Jungkook raising his shirt.)

Also I'm sad that everyone is releasing a new song or album the same day as BTS. I just wanted to see them win again this era... They won't be able to reach #1 on a lot of iTunes charts worldwide... :cry:


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2 hours ago, Desperado said:

I loved Fake Love & especially its video :clap: Going to listen to the album soon :excited: 


2 hours ago, Sokka said:

Just started listen to it. That intro alone! :trisha:

BTS taking over COP? :shookga:

What did you think @Sokka?

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