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Which Decade was better?

Which decade was better?  

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  1. 1. Which decade was better in terms of Pop Culture, Music, and just overall in your opinion?

    • 70s
    • 80s
    • 90s
    • 00s
    • 10s

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IMO it is a tie with 70s/80s they gave us the rise to Video Games, Fleetwood Mac, Micheal Jackson, Donna Summers, and many others and the 70s gave us Grease and they are just the most influential and best decades overall in my opinion. It's too much to list 

So in your opinion which one was the best and why?

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Guest IsThatSaraS

Late 90's / Early 00's :beybop:

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It's so hard to choose one decade, I feel that each had its highs and lows. Early 2000s was amazing, but then around 2005 it all went downhill until like 2009. Early and Late 1990s were soo good, but the grunge movement was not my tea. 2010 has been a trash decade for pop music so far. Few acts have released quality content.


But then again, most influence for the 90s, 00s and 10s came from the 80s and prior, and 80s saw the birth of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston...

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