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Katy Perry Apologizes To Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is so ruthless, showing the world how Katy came back crawling asking for forgiveness, flopping really does miracles lol just like Gaga dropping the gays and finding Jesus. Always the same passive/aggressive behaviors from Taylor, she's just too damn smart and petty. I like her, she one of the few pop girls that actually put in the work and it shows which  why I will always support her. Reputation is a nice album. I am excited to see her on the Rep .

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15 hours ago, Desperado said:

So happy to see that Katy took a step to end this :clap: 

End the tomfoolery SHE started? Well she BETTER!



SCREAMING at how she crawled back to Taylor with a gift and an apology after shouting "KARMA!1" and what not to promote her flop ass album. Another L for this bald bitch. Taylor must have laughed her ass off when she saw the apology :lmfao:

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