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Demi's Mom Knows She Flops

Y'all Not Ready For This

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There are 2 things I need to say:

1. I came here from Reddit, one of y'all posted a promo thread and then it disappeared immediately just like Demi's latest buzz single. #SorryNoSister (ft. Poot).

2. I was told I could say "Demi is a flop" without getting banned.

That's all. I already feel like home. Thank you for those who attended this meeting on such short notice. Let's pray in circle for Demi, wishing her the best of luck on her career as a shameless follower, a raging sister-hating musician, and a flop.:clap:


p/s: don't need to tell her mother she's a flop. She been knew.

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Just now, Demi's Mom Knows She Flops said:

I need a group of 2 or 3 people to back me up as a newbie in here. Are we good sis?:wendy23:

I mean I will gladly welcome you :ohhai:

but I only defend my Fav so unless P!nk is being attacked you won't see any help from me :rose11:

but i'm sure once more ppl join they'll be happy to join u :poot:

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