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Anti Tour Wembley Stadium

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I'm sure many of you heard about Rihanna's half-empty Wembley Stadium concert last year in England, so I'm bringing this topic here for a discussion about it. Many figures claim the stadium was sold-out but due to Brexit, many people couldn't make it and many also had sold their tickets for a higher price considering the issues England went through with its exiting from the EU. However, other sources claim there were still tickets to be sold via Ticketmaster hours before the gig.

I honestly don't know what to believe, and I mainly blame Brexit for the stadium, but it's a weird thing to happen in the first place. She sold-out 50k, 60k, and even 80k concerts throughout the Anti World Tour and it just seems something must have been off with the sales (unless it was actually sold-out as many claim) for that to happen.

To further make the situation worse, even Beyonce's concert at the Wembley Stadium was half-full!

Most people blame touts (resellers) who have failed to resell the tickets, and therefore causing issues for both artists. It can't be a coincidence that both Beyonce and Rihanna in under 10 days both have had the same issue while still selling out stadiums around the rest of the country AND the world.

What do you all think?

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Guest IsThatSaraS

I remember hearing about that 707428_ClvdtszUgAAvjHN_0b485ad299610c506

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