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Are you homophobic?

Are you Homophobic?   

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  1. 1. Are you Homo(jenik)phobic?

    • No, Homojénik is a flawless legend.
    • Yes, I am a LOSER.

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Just now, Rose Mulet said:

I don’t. I could afford to lose some weight but I’m pretty happy with the way I look rn

Straight people can be offended on behalf of gays, I’m very emphatic tbh.

I just hate people who bash people for something they can’t even control, like holy shit how bad of a person do you have to be to do that.

Your giving a bad name for other stright females on here sis 2ardtKT.gif  dont bring it up its just your option not all strights community agrees with you

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No! I love homosexuals and would never make fun of AIDS! I also love black people and would never say the n word, dehumanise black people as "blacks" or making fun of the Ebola crisis which hurt many Africans!

I hope in 2019, that all bigots are demolished and/or have self-growth. <3 

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