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Azealia Banks spills TRUTH TEA about Gaga and Lana

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remember when she said every bad act shes done in her life is in the past now and shes different and has a new take on life? :wendy6:

sad how she's still returning to bad habits :wendy9:

i mean she isn't making bad points but she is never gonna make if she keeps coming for big names like this 

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Sis  u wanted to Collab with gaga like 2 weeks ago 


and about R Kelly She hasn't collaborated with him again. It was four years ago. And she was dragged non stop for months over having him on the song for his past back in 2013. Gaga isn't responsible for what any of her collaborators do in the future. Sit down azealia, can't you go 1 week without sounding bitter 


Stop The Drama Start The Music 



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