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* Be online. When the forum goes public and we have hordes of people viewing the forum, we need to present ourselves as lit as fuck. First impressions count.

* It will go public late Sunday night for most people. (Monday morning for people in Australia which is where I am).

* We have simultaneous promo spots on PopCrave and TheShadyFacts for maximum impacT.

* VIP offer will be promoted for last time ever. 1 post = VIP upgrade. Then it will switch to 25 posts.

* All sections will be visible except VIP sections (obviously. Our pic thread will be moved to the VIP Lounge. 

* A new twitter account which will automatically tweet out new threads will be opened. I will be making that shortly and posting the link in this thread for you guys to follow. 

* Even though guests will be able to view the forums, they will be given a registration page after they view 5 pages on the forum in a 24 hour period :) 

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Since we now have a rules list and the forum is really getting into the swing of things with events kicking off and all that jazz (as well as a new global moderator team about to be announced), the forum is pretty much ready to rumble. 

We're moving up the date till when we go public (the forum will be visible to guests and most importantly, search engines so we can begin to get those all important google results). We will now officially launch the forum to the general public on Monday, July 24. We are currently lining up some promo to ensure everyone knows we've arrived! 

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